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Major Winner

Super Major # 3 @ WinStar Winner
Brad Hicks



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Major Winner

Super Major #4 @ Sky Creek Ranch Winner
Gurpreet Ghotra

The FairWay Golf Tour is the most popular golf tour in Texas and Oklahoma! We play tournament golf weekly for large cash prizes. The FGT provides Handicap and Scratch Divisions in a pro format for all golfers with a 12 or less handicap! Payouts are made on the SAME DAY! The FGT provides competition on some of the best courses in Dallas, Houston, OKC and surrounding areas. The FairWay Tour is the most established and trusted competition in the region. We have paid more than $8 million by offering quality competition to our members since 2001! Come meet new friends and earn cash playing golf on the FGT because…

If you Don't Tee it Up you Can't Win!

Latest 1 Day Net Winners

Charles Bassett  $1,100     Blake Jackson  $1,000     Ethan Smith  $1,750     Mike Tancill  $1,700     David Wright  $1,750     
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Ok we don’t have volunteers following you around the course like the PGA, but you won’t have to wait to see where you stand if you can’t hang out until the final score cards are turned in.  Just pull up the live leaderboard and as score cards are turned in the live leaderboard will be updated within minutes!

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1 Day Net

$2,250  $1,225  $850  $725  $625
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1 Day Major

$4,000  $2,750  $1,650  $1,200  $1,000
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$8,750  $5,000  $2,800  $1,750  $1,100
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