2-Day Super Major @ Sky Creek Ranch – Dallas

Event Date:

July 10, 2024

Event Time:

12:30 pm

Event Location:

Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club





10:10 Rick Kiser, Simon Fagan, Scott HH, Charles Bassett

10:34 Terry Weakley, Jesse Stewart, James Busby

10:42 Rusty Ramsey, Caleb Ingram, Garrett Freundt

10:50 John Lucas, Ryan Cummings, Robbie Cook  

10:58 Josef Christman, Kurt Heiss, David Tollison, David Carter    

11:06 Willy Little, Mark Walker, Brad Hicks, Chris Parnell  

11:14 Chris Kunda, Ethan Smith, Jeff Nelson

11:22 Ryan Cioch, Kalo Evans, David Wright

11:30 Jerod Turner, Brad Cochran, Gurpreet Ghotra




Event Timelines




Tee Times will be posted here 24 hrs prior to event

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

How much does it cost to play on the FairWay Golf Tour?

Entry fees vary, but most 1-Day Net Events start at $235 including all course fees. Players may try the Tour without being a member, but membership is required to collect from the generous prize fund! Memberships are good for one year (Jan1st - December 31st) and are a great value for only $150, considering the Tour conducts over 50 events! An EarlyBird special of $125 is available until January 31st each year.

How does the Handicap System work?

The FairWay Golf Tour takes great pride in providing the most accurate and dependable Handicap System in the industry. We have proof in numbers dating back to 2001! FGT Events usually provide a winner with a NET SCORE within 1 or 2 strokes of PAR (many times that is 1 or 2 shots OVER PAR, not below). When you first become a member, we use an established GHIN#, competitive rounds or a personal interview to establish your starting handicap. We have proven policy in place to to counter any potential handicap misrepresentation. Rest assured, if you are playing on the FairWay Golf Tour and shoot your handicap, you are likely to cash a check!

How do I know when to tee off?

Tee times will be posted on this event page prior to the event start, typically not later than 24 hours prior. Depending on registration and other factors, these times may change near or on the day of the event. Please be prepared and show up minimum 45 minutes early to get your scorecard and local rules sheet. We want you to be properly prepared for the tournament ahead!

When do I get paid?

Winnings are paid immediately after the conclusion of the event! This is unlike many other tours, where you may wait days or even weeks to get that check in the mail. Tee it up on the FairWay Golf Tour and cash a check on the same day!

I want to keep my amateur status, can I still play?

Of course! There are provisions in the USGA Rules for you to compete on the FairWay Golf Tour and keep your Amateur Status. Please let the tournament director know your wish to stay an amateur if you are awarded any winnings.

Other Questions?

Please reach out via our Facebook page, phone or email with other questions you may have, we are here to help. How much are the payouts? What's this Bonus Cash stuff? Are there other rules and policies I should be aware of?

Event Location:

  • Sky Creek Ranch Golf Club
  • 600 Promontory Drive
  • Keller
  • TX
  • 76248
  • United States
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