Bonus Cash Rules

Bonus Cash will be paid to the top players after each Bonus Cash Super Major!
Must be a member in GOOD STANDING to accrue bonus points.

Series Start


Bonus Cash Prize Pool


Series End


Bonus Cash Series End Date above, subject to change based on event scheduling. 
Please reference calendar for BONUS CASH SUPER MAJOR as we near the closing of the series.

  • Bonus Cash will be paid following each Bonus Cash Super Major
  • The top 4 in the point standings will be paid CASH following each Bonus Cash Major
  • Extra cash may create a 1st place check of $10,000+ with only 36 players in the Bonus Cash Super Majors
  • There is no cap for bonus points each week
  • Players may finish in money positions multiple times
  • Bonus Cash Super Majors will be the final event to accrue bonus points for that period
  • Bonus Cash for each 4 month period will be paid at the conclusion of these events and bonus points will then reset for the next period

Bonus Cash Payout for each period to top 4 players based on projected $10,000 in pool (40% 30% 20% 10%):

Top 4 Finishers: $2.000 | $1,500 | $1,000  | $500
$5,000 Added To Payout For Bonus Cash Super Major  

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