Policies and Procedures

The FairWay Golf Tour has implemented the following rules and regulations to create fair and equitable competition for its members.  The FGT’s Scoring System uses software based on the applications of the USGA Handicap Formula (Section 10, USGA handbook) to consistently maintain true and accurate handicaps. With 21 years of experience, the FairWay Golf Tour uses its qualifying stages, net scoring system and multi-level divisions in conjunction with USGA approved software to present its members the most progressive and equitable competition possible.

I. New Player Requirements

A new player is deemed a qualifier until that player records at least 20 tournament scores in the FairWay System. The USGA and the FairWay Tour recognize 20 scores as the number needed to establish a true and accurate handicap. A. There are three ways to enter your first event: 1.) Bring GHIN card from home course stating true and accurate handicap. 2.) Bring signed letter from PGA Pro stating true and accurate handicap. 3.) Estimate your true and accurate handicap (additional qualifying restrictions apply). All players will be interviewed by tour director prior to first round. 4.) Players from another tour who bring verifiable tournament scores may bypass Stage 1 qualifying (these players limited to -2 net for first rd only) if they are able to provide more than 5 rounds but will fall under Stage 2 Qualifying restrictions until they record 20 rds on the FairWay Tour.

II. Tour Format

All Divisions are stroke play and enforced by USGA Rules of Golf as well as “Local Rules” when applicable. A. Net Division – Entry is $175+ Course Fees – Must be a 12 or less handicap index. B. Senior Net Division – Entry fees are $50 – Seniors are classified as players age 47 and above and must have an index of 12.0 or less…Players age 50 and over may choose their tee box but with a lower hcp. from the “up” tees. All other players must play the “back tees”. *Seniors may not change tee boxes during the course of an event. C. Nassau Division – Entry fee is $40 and winner gets paid on front nine and back nine…player gets half of handicap for each nine. D. Skins Division – Entry fee is $30 and handicaps are not used E. Best Ball Division – Entry fees are $25 per person – System uses 70% of player’s handicap…Must be a 12 or less handicap. F. Low Gross Division – Entry fee is $50 and no handicap is used SAME DAY PAY – SEE PAYOUT MATRIX SECTION PLEASE NOTE: – A player with less than 20 competitive rounds does not have a mature handicap and thereby must play with restrictions until a true and accurate handicap is established. These restrictions are seldom used, but must be in place to insure the integrity of scoring. Odds of shooting greater than 5 below your mature handicap are 5,000 – 1 (source: USGA). THE USGA Handicap is BASED ON POTENTIAL, not average!

III. The FairWay Scoring Rule

The FairWay Scoring Rule is one of the most important assets the FGT provides its members. This rule is critical to the proper administration of handicapped events. The following procedure will be followed if a member records an exceptional tournament score during Stage 1 or Stage 2 Qualifying. *Exceptional T-scores are defined by the USGA as any score lower than 5 below net par for one round or lower than 3 below net par for consecutive rounds. A.Stage 1 Qualifying – Rounds 1 thru 5: Players are limited to 2 below net par (unless they have verifiable tournament scores) during rounds 1 thru 5 regardless of their net score but are still eligible to win first place. In Nassau event Stage 1 Qualifyers may be limited to 2.5 under par per nine holes not to exceed 5 strokes on 18. B.Stage 2 Qualifying – Rounds 6 thru 19: Players are limited to 5 below net par during rounds 6 thru 19. If player shoots lower than 5 below net par during this period, the exceptional T-score will be considered invalid and subject to adjustment under the guidelines of the USGA Handicap Formula. The new index will replace the old index for the the tournament in question. The qualifier will be adjusted to no lower than 5 below net par or the result of the system calculation, whichever is higher. C. Veteran Status – 20 scores or more in system: Player may exceed 5 below net par in an event but exceptional T-Score will be entered into the handicap system twice for a period of three rounds to insure integrity. If player shoots greater than 3 below net par during probationary period, the score will remain for another 3 rounds. D. Plus Player Restrictions are as follows: Plus golfer handicaps will be calculated the same as the rest of the field. 1.) Plus Players who provide 5 or less verifiable tournament scores will be limited to no more than 2 under par (net) until they record five rounds on the FairWay Tour or declare +2 at which time they will bypass Stage 1 qualifying and fall under Stage 2 qualifying restrictions un til they record 20 rds. 2.) Plus players who provide more than 5 scores, but less than 20 will be limited to no more than 5 under par (net) until they get 20 rounds in the system. 3.) There will be no limit on how low plus golfer handicaps can go just as there is no limit on how low other handicaps can go. 4.) Plus players who cannot provide verifiable tournament scores will be limited to no more than 2 under par (net) for their first 5 rounds unless they declare +2 at which time they will fall under Stage 2 restrictions.

IV. Explanation of Net Scoring System

The USGA Handicap System uses its formulas to create a fair and equitable field for golfers of varying skill levels. The FGT follows these guidelines using software that incorporates these formulas. In addition to this software, the FGT uses the rules explained in this outline to insure the integrity of all FGT events. A. FGT software uses the USGA Handicap Formula (section 10, USGA Handbook, usga.org) to calculate player handicaps for all FGT events. B. Proper course setup in relation to the USGA slope rating for that course is critical to the correct application of the USGA Handicap Formula. C. FGT software records and maintains scoring history and handicap index of all players. D. Official FGT scores and starting handicap are used when calculating player indexes. Starting with round 6, the system uses official FGT scores only to calculate player indexes. E. Handicaps are revised after each round using the player’s scoring history.

V. Veteran Status

A. Beginning with round 20, the player has established a mature handicap with the FairWay Golf Tour and thereby earns veteran status. B. Veterans get their lowest score dropped when renewing their memberships each year. C. Players who obtain veteran status get their lowest score dropped on their 21st round, but must be before a 1-Day Net Event. D. No scores will be dropped immediately prior to a Super Major. E. Veterans are eligible to shoot greater than 5 below net par, but will have that score entered twice into scoring history for a probationary period of 3 rounds. F. If player shoots within 2 strokes of net par during probationary period, the score will remain for another 3 rounds.

VI. Special Rules and Amendments

In this section, we will explain the rules and regulations within the scoring system created in the best interest of the tour and its players as a final step to insure the integrity of all events. A. A cap of 5 under net par is in effect for round 1 of all major events for all players…USGA guidelines and the FairWay Scoring System will be followed to determine if further adjustments are necessary. B. Tour Director has sole discretion to use available scoring history “as a whole” when determining course handicap for a player with 10 or less rounds under special circumstances. C. Majors are by invitation only…Tour Director has right of refusal if evidence within the FGT system or USGA Handicap Formula and/or from reputable outside sources indicates an unacceptable or inequitable handicap presented for that event. D. Veterans who shoot an exceptional T-score more than once during a major in the same calendar year must use the average of his index from the majors and his current index to find a “true index” for all majors the rest of that calendar year. E. If Veteran player becomes inactive in a 6 month period by not posting an FGT tournament score, the Veteran player will be limited to 2 under handicap for minimum of one round. F. SENIOR HANDICAPS: Senior golfers over age 50 who wish to participate from the up tees only may do so and use their index from that tee box **Once a player decides to use index from up tee box, they are disqualified from playing the back tee box in any future FairWay Tour events. ***Senior golfers who have played both tee boxes within their 20 round scoring history must have ten consecutive rounds in the system from the up tee box before they are eligible to use their index from the up tee as their course handicap.

VII. Majors and Super Majors

These events are at least 36 holes in length. Super Majors pay the winner minimum $10,000 w/54 or more players! The payout for these events is to minimum 25% of the field. There will be at least five “Majors” per year and two “Super Majors”. A. Majors are by invitation only (must be active)…all competitors in “Major Events” must be annual members. B. “Super Majors” are sometines 54 holes in length and will pay $10,000 to winner with 54+ players. C. Players who enter “Majors” or “Super Majors” as their first event will not receive slope benefit for their first round. D. Handicaps are revised after each round and may change based on scoring history and/or performance, balancing the field as much as possible for each round played. E. Entry is required 10 days prior to event. First place will be paid at the tournament. If all funds are good at the time of tournament, all prizes will be paid that day. F. Refunds will not be given within 5 days of the start of a “Major” or “Super Major”. G. There will be a fee assessed to all players who do not meet these guidelines. H. There is a cap of 5 under net par for round 1 in all “Majors.”

VIII. Rules of Play and Pace of Play

A. USGA rules shall govern all play, along with specific local rules which may apply. B. FairWay Golf Tour plays “ready golf” to speed up play. C. Pace of Play enforced… Players must complete round in less than 4.5 hours or maintain their position on the course. Players subject to penalty if they do not finish within 20 minutes of the group in front of them.

IX. Membership Fees and Method of Payment

A. Membership Fees are $150 and must be renewed at the beginning of each year. B. Membership fees are non refundable C. Tournament entry fees are non refundable 48 hrs before an event D. Cash and major credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

X. Entries

A. Participants must make payment to Tour Headquarters by Wednesday prior to event. B. Players may enter online with their credit card or mail payment to tour office. C. There will be a $25 late fee for players who do not meet deadline. D .Late entries will be subject to availability.

XI. Payouts

A. Payouts will be made when all funds are available. Payouts must be made within 8 business days of the conclusion of tournament. B. Any player who submits bad funds to the FairWay Golf Tour will be suspended from further events until the funds are made good and a $50 penalty is paid to the tour office. C. FGT pays a minimum 25% of the field unless otherwise noted.

XII. Code of Conduct

A player will receive one warning if it is determined he has blatantly shown conduct unbecoming of a professional. If Tour Director receives a complaint of any kind after the warning, that player will be suspended for 60 days. If same player receives another complaint of any kind after 60 day suspension, their membership will be terminated and that player will no longer be allowed to participate in FairWay Tour Events. The following are included, but not limited to, examples of unprofessional conduct: No willful showing of disrespect to others, throwing clubs, disrespecting golf course grounds and equipment (i.e. hitting cart with clubs, taking divots or smashing club into ground in a way as to damage grounds), extreme profanity and/or cursing loudly, purposeful disruption of play. Violation of the “code of conduct” will result in one warning, followed by 60-day suspension, followed by expulsion.

XIII. Refund Policy

All membership sales are final. Entry Fees and deposits paid online are refundable until 5pm CST the day before the event unless noted otherwise on Event Details page. (NOTE: Certain events have non-refundable deposits or payments. Those are noted on a per event basis)

*Policy and Procedures subject to change without notice.

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