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Play the FairWay…it is the only way. The focus of the FairWay Golf Tour is to promote the game of golf with passion, integrity and honor. We provide an organization that gives its players incentive to improve their game through fair and equitable competition for cash prizes. Golf tournaments are held in Oklahoma and Texas, with expansion coming soon!

FairWay Golf Tour Policy has been in place since 2000 and has been used to pay 8+ million dollars in prize money. The evolution of our policy has created an opportunity for golfers to take advantage of the most accurate scoring system in golf.

Having spent 32 years in the golf industry in various capacities, which includes competing on the national level in college and pro along with directing over 500 tournaments, we think it is important for all competitors to understand experience is critical to the proper administration of handicapped events. Our experience in these areas will ensure an even field for all FGT Events.

Our main goal is to provide a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience thru competition. The FairWay Golf Tour uses its Net Scoring System (software that utilizes the USGA Handicap Formula) and multiple divisions in conjunction with its licensed USGA approved software to present its members the most progressive competition available.

The FairWay Golf Tour provides three major divisions for competition at each event: The Net Division (12.0 or less hcp), Sr. Net Division (12.0 or less hcp) and Best Ball Division (12.0 or less hcp). FGT events are held at championship golf courses throughout Oklahoma and Texas.

Tour members are eligible to play in “Majors and “Super Majors” provided they remain active, which are held every 30-60 days. These events are 36 holes and will pay a minimum 25% of the field. 1st prize with 54 players in a Super Major is $10,000!

Three Major Divisions

Net Division

Sr. Net Division

Best Ball

“Majors” and “Super Majors” which are held every 30-60 days are 36 hole events and pay a minimum 25% of the field. 1st place with 54 players in a Super Major pays $10,000!

Regular tour events are held weekly in Oklahoma and Texas. Most regular tournaments are 18 holes and winners are paid at the conclusion of play. Please check the calendar on the website for sites and times in your area. We provide affordable, tax deductible competition for our members virtually every week! The FairWay Golf Tour plays in strict accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and requires all players understand the USGA Rules of Golf and FairWay Golf Tour Policy .

Join the FairWay Golf Tour and let the spirit of a healthy and fair competition take your golf game to a new level of success and enjoyment for years to come.

Burt Rieck   
Owner, Tour Director

Why play the FairWay Golf Tour?

  • Compete for large cash prizes using your 12 or less handicap.
  • Declare PRO status and deduct golf related expenses. Consult your Tax Professional.
  • Tour Director has run 350+ events and paid over $7 million in prize money since 2000.
  • Competition under the USGA Rules of Golf is the best way to improve your game.
  • Meet new business clients and quality friends.
  • Longest active Pro-Net Tour in region.
  • BEST and FASTEST payout. Winners paid at the conclusion of play!
  • COMPARE: FairWay Golf Tour Net Division Pay Matrix is easily the best in the business!
  • Members get prime tee times with the lowest green fee rates.
  • Handicap System Policy and Procedure is the most advanced and accurate.


The FairWay Golf Tour is a PRO golf tour established to allow competitive golf to be played under the rules of the USGA for Cash using your handicap (in net events) or heads up (in scratch events).

All golfers wanting to improve there game under the rules of the USGA, by competing for CASH. Handicap events require a minimum HCP of 12 or less.

Yes the tournaments held on the FairWay Golf Tour allow the use of Distance technology as allowed by the USGA. GPS, Laser etc, that does not give feedback on anything other than DISTANCE (i.e. Angle or Temp) is allowed under the rules of the USGA.

Improve your golf game by playing under the rules of the USGA like touring PRO. Compete for CASH prizes. Receive Tax benefits. Meet new golfers that enjoy playing competitive golf. Plus much more…

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