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DateCourseDivPTSPOSRd 1Rd 2$
2017-06-04Super Major #5 - Fossil Creek GC2 Day Net5025.079.1071.000
2017-05-27Iron Horse GC - Dallas1 Day Net3010.076.100.000
2017-05-25Canyon Creek CC - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net605.070.900.00325
2017-05-20Waterchase GC - Dallas1 Day Net3017.075.500.000
2017-05-20Waterchase GC - DallasSkins010.01.000.0020
2017-05-11Firewheel Bridges (TH)1 Day Net5011.073.200.00175
2017-05-11Firewheel Bridges (TH)Skins011.01.000.0034
2017-04-30Bonus Cash Super Major #4 @ Texas Star - Bonus Cash Added!2 Day Net010.078.2081.500
2017-04-30Bonus Cash Super Major #4 @ Texas Star - Bonus Cash Added!1 Day Net08.081.500.000
2017-04-22Sky Creek Ranch - Dallas1 Day Net852.072.800.00575
2017-04-20Pecan Hollow GC - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net3025.076.000.000
2017-04-13Brookhaven CC - Champions1 Day Net605.070.700.00350
2017-04-06Oakmont CC - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net3027.076.500.000
2017-03-25Kingwood CC - Houston1 Day Net3011.076.000.000
2017-03-18Tangle Ridge - Dallas1 Day Net605.070.400.00325
2017-03-18Tangle Ridge - DallasSkins05.01.000.0031
2017-03-09Texas Star - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net3017.076.500.000
2017-03-05Super Major #2 @ Bridlewood GC - DallasSkins05.01.000.0020
2017-03-05Super Major #2 @ Bridlewood GC - Dallas2 Day Net509.072.5081.500
2017-02-25Tierra Verde GC - Dallas1 Day Net3027.076.700.000
2017-02-16Trophy Club Whitworth - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net3018.075.900.000
2017-01-26The Old American GC - Dallas (TH)1 Day Net3017.082.700.000
2017-01-26The Old American GC - Dallas (TH)Skins013.01.000.0033
2017-01-21Trails of Frisco GC - Dallas1 Day Net506.070.700.00350
2017-01-21Trails of Frisco GC - DallasSkins010.01.000.0083
2016-12-11Tour Championship @ Timarron CC2 Day Net1304.075.4072.401125
2016-11-17Las Colinas CC (TH)Skins013.01.000.0040
2016-11-17Las Colinas CC (TH)1 Day Net3021.077.400.000
2016-11-17Las Colinas CC (TH)1 Day Best Ball2.170.000.000
2016-11-12Sky Creek Ranch - DallasSkins01.01.000.0036
2016-11-12Sky Creek Ranch - Dallas1 Day Net3011.077.100.000
2016-10-30Tangle Ridge - Dallas1 Day Net3016.074.100.000
2016-07-09Tierra Verde GC - DallasSkins014.01.000.0023
2016-07-09Tierra Verde GC - Dallas1 Day Net3010.073.100.000
2016-07-07Thorntree CC (Thursday)1 Day Net3017.080.300.000
2016-07-07Thorntree CC (Thursday)Skins09.01.000.0033
2016-06-12Super Major #4 @ GC Fossil Creek 1 Day Net209.073.200.000
2016-05-26Hurricane Creek CC - Dallas (Thursday)Skins04.01.000.0032
2016-05-26Hurricane Creek CC - Dallas (Thursday)Skins012.01.000.0032
2016-05-26Hurricane Creek CC - Dallas (Thursday)1 Day Net1001.068.700.001025
2016-05-22Champions Circle GC - Dallas1 Day Net3028.081.900.000
2016-05-05Brookhaven CC Masters Course (Thursday)1 Day Net3012.076.900.000
2016-05-01Super Major #3 Stonebridge Dye - BONUS CASH ADDED TO PAY MATRIX!1 Day Net - Day 12013.078.000.000
2016-04-14Texas Star (Thursday)1 Day Net508.073.300.00175
2016-04-10Super Major #2 FairWay Masters @ Bridlewood GC1 Day Net - Day 12012.078.300.000
2016-04-10Super Major #2 FairWay Masters @ Bridlewood GC1 Day Net2011.077.300.000
2016-04-10Super Major #2 FairWay Masters @ Bridlewood GC2 Day Net5024.078.3077.300
2016-03-31Fossil Creek GC (Thursday)1 Day Net3016.075.300.000
2016-03-31Fossil Creek GC (Thursday)Skins06.01.000.0052
2016-03-26Thorntree CC - Dallas1 Day Net509.076.300.00200
2016-03-20Dallas - Trails of Frisco Skins011.01.000.0025
2016-03-20Dallas - Trails of Frisco 1 Day Net307.076.900.000
2016-03-17Trophy Club - Whitworth (Thursday)1 Day Net3017.076.900.000
2016-03-17Trophy Club - Whitworth (Thursday)Skins07.01.000.0055
2016-03-03Timarron CC - Dallas (Thursday)Skins016.01.000.0052
2016-03-03Timarron CC - Dallas (Thursday)1 Day Net3020.077.900.000
2016-02-28Super Major #1 - Stonebridge CC Hills2 Day Net5010.073.7073.800
2016-02-28Super Major #1 - Stonebridge CC Hills1 Day Net - Day 1505.073.700.000
2016-02-28Super Major #1 - Stonebridge CC Hills1 Day Net - Day 22010.073.800.000
2016-02-28Super Major #1 - Stonebridge CC HillsSkins01.01.000.0025
2016-02-20Waterchase GC - Dallas1 Day Net3029.080.700.000
2016-02-20Waterchase GC - DallasSkins05.01.000.0052
2016-02-06Tangle Ridge GC - Dallas1 Day Net902.065.200.001200
2015-12-19The Tribute GC - Dallas (re-scheduled from 11/28)1 Day Net803.073.600.00400
2015-12-03Texas Star GC (Thursday)1 Day Net902.072.400.00600
2015-11-09SPECIAL EVENT - Shreveport 2-Day SUPER Major2 Day Net507.0112.100.000
2015-11-09SPECIAL EVENT - Shreveport 2-Day SUPER Major1 Day Net206.078.400.000
2015-11-09SPECIAL EVENT - Shreveport 2-Day SUPER MajorSkins023.01.000.0015
2015-11-01Westridge GC - Dallas Skins018.01.000.0020
2015-11-01Westridge GC - Dallas 1 Day Sr. Net03.072.300.000
2015-11-01Westridge GC - Dallas 1 Day Net605.072.300.000
2015-11-01Westridge GC - Dallas Skins03.01.000.0020
2015-11-01Westridge GC - Dallas Skins014.01.000.0020
2015-10-311-Day Mini Major @ Oak Tree1 Day Net309.074.800.000
2015-10-22Lantana - Dallas (Thursday)1 Day Net - Day 2309.039.450.000
2015-10-18Shawnee CC - OklahomaSkins017.01.000.0020
2015-10-18Shawnee CC - Oklahoma1 Day Net306.075.000.000
2015-10-17Watters Creek - Dallas1 Day Net3013.075.300.000
2015-10-17Watters Creek - DallasSkins016.01.000.0040
2015-10-17Watters Creek - DallasSkins017.01.000.0040
2015-09-03Stonebridge Dye(Thursday)1 Day Net01.070.800.001250
2015-08-30Major #6 @ TPC Las Colinas2 Day Net10024.074.3078.300
2015-08-23Tangle Ridge GC1 Day Net3020.075.400.000
2015-08-20Hackberry Creek CC1 Day Net3023.080.500.000
2015-08-08Iron Horse 1 Day Net3027.082.900.000
2015-07-18Bridlewood GC - Dallas1 Day Net3017.078.100.000
2015-07-16Texas Star (Thursday)1 Day Net3035.087.300.000
2015-07-11Tierra Verde - Dallas1 Day Net2040.087.500.000
2014-12-07Super Major #10 @ The Ranch CC1 Day Net2524.081.300.000
2014-12-07Super Major #10 @ The Ranch CC2 Day Net6028.080.3081.300
2014-11-23Stonebridge Ranch - Hills Course (1-Day Net Sun due to weather)1 Day Net2515.077.300.000
2014-11-23Stonebridge Ranch - Hills Course (1-Day Net Sun due to weather)Skins015.01.000.0064
2014-11-09Waterchase GC 1 Day Nassau01.034.500.00180
2014-11-09Waterchase GC Skins01.01.000.0018
2014-11-09Waterchase GC Skins02.01.000.0018
2014-11-09Waterchase GC Skins07.01.000.0018
2014-11-09Waterchase GC Skins011.01.000.0018
2014-11-09Waterchase GC 1 Day Net753.072.000.00405
2014-11-06Lantana1 Day Net2517.082.000.000
2014-10-26Super Major #9 - Trails of Frisco GC2 Day Net6015.071.0079.400
2014-10-23Stonebridge CC (Dye) Thursday1 Day Net2517.078.100.000
2014-10-04Sky Creek Ranch GC - Ft Worth1 Day Net456.075.100.00200
2014-09-28 Super Major #8 - Tangle Ridge GC2 Day Net6027.071.6076.900
2014-09-18Dallas - The Old American GC (Thursday)1 Day Net2513.075.400.000
2014-09-18Dallas - The Old American GC (Thursday)Skins05.01.000.0075
2014-09-18Dallas - The Old American GC (Thursday)Skins018.01.000.0075
2014-09-13Riverside GC - D/FW1 Day Net2510.073.500.000
2014-09-13Riverside GC - D/FWSkins018.01.000.0020
2014-09-04Thorntree CC1 Day Net2510.076.500.000
2014-09-04Thorntree CCSkins012.01.000.0020
2014-09-04Thorntree CCSkins018.01.000.0020
2014-08-301-Day Mini Major @ Waterchase GC1 Day Net4035.078.500.000
2014-08-21Dallas - Bear Creek GC - WestSkins01.01.0033.8547
2014-08-21Dallas - Bear Creek GC - West1 Day Net951.068.000.001100
2014-08-17BONUS CASH SUPER MAJOR @ STONEBRIDGE DYE1 Day Net - Day 1505.035.950.00350
2014-08-02Woodhaven CC1 Day Net456.069.700.00275
2014-08-02Woodhaven CCSkins08.01.000.00110
2014-07-31Trophy Club CC - WhitworthSkins012.01.000.0045
2014-07-31Trophy Club CC - WhitworthSkins013.01.000.0045
2014-07-31Trophy Club CC - Whitworth1 Day Net555.070.200.00300
2014-07-24Dallas - Timarron CC (Thursday)1 Day Net4512.073.900.00200
2014-07-12Dallas - Bridlewood GC1 Day Net458.071.600.00250
2014-06-26Dallas - Lantana CC1 Day Net3512.072.500.0085
2014-06-14Dallas - Thorntree CC1 Day Net456.074.500.00300
2014-06-05Great Southwest GC1 Day Net1512.071.600.000
2014-05-22Dallas - Texas Star1 Day Net1543.079.200.000
2012-11-10Tierra Verde1 Day Net2022.082.900.000
2012-02-26Major 1 - Thorntree CC - 2-day event: $5000 1st pl w/40+2 Day Net4022.073.3085.600
2012-02-26Major 1 - Thorntree CC - 2-day event: $5000 1st pl w/40+2 Day Sr. Net05.073.3085.600
2012-01-28Buffalo Creek - 1-Day Net $1500 1st pl w/32+1 Day Net2031.081.500.000
2012-01-21Waterchase GC - SOLD OUT 1 Day Net7064.087.000.000
2011-10-15Hawks Creek1 Day Net1527.077.700.000
2011-10-15Hawks Creek1 Day Sr. Net03.077.700.000
2011-09-10Coyote Ridge Golf Club1 Day Net1519.082.500.000
2011-09-10Coyote Ridge Golf Club1 Day Sr. Net010.082.500.000
2011-08-27Waterchase GC1 Day Sr. Net04.076.000.000
2011-08-27Waterchase GC1 Day Net1018.076.000.000

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