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If You Don't Tee It Up You Can't Win!...Rieck Wins Major #6

As Tour Director, my policy since we started the tour in 2001 has been not to participate in 36-hole majors...Since 2001, the FairWay Tour has had 32 Majors with net par or higher winning over 90% of the time...The tour has had over 100 events each year since it began in 2001 and net par or higher has won the majority of these events...the tour has paid over 1.5 million dollars in prize money and every check from every event has been honored...Regardless of these statistics, the tour had only 9 participants for Major #6 at Split Rail GC in Ft. Worth, TX on Dec.1st and 2nd, 2007...As a result, for the 2nd time in 30+ majors over six years, I participated(finished next to last the first time) in the event and I must say I had one of the most enjoyable and definitely the luckiest experience of my competitive career...On the last hole of the last day I made up three shots on 2 players after my badly pull-hooked second shot on the par 5 18th hole bounced off a tree and onto the green for eagle...The shot was headed for the hazard left of the green when fate stepped in the way...My competitor's third shot plugged into the lip of the bunker less than 1 yard from perfection and certain victory...Moments later, as I tapped in my birdie putt for the crazy victory at +3.9 over net par, I realized one thing... If You Don't Tee It Up You Can't Win!!!