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Brown Flawless, Collects Over $5000; Kuzu Performs Take Down on Leaders Sunday

Major #1 at Tangle Ridge Golf Club once again broke a FairWay Tour record for attendance as this was the largest turnout for a 2-Day Major Event with 41 players. We appreciate the support the players have given the Tour this year and look forward to providing bigger and better events in the future. Chris Brown has been between a 0.4 and +1 hcp since he began playing the tour last summer. He played his first 9 events without winning in the Net Division before pulling off back to back victories over the last 2 weeks, including this weekend's Major, where he collected well over $5,000 for his performance. Chris was easily the best player in the field this week with his 68-69 being the lowest gross scores each day. He also had the lowest hcp in the field with a zero on day 1 and a +1 as it turns out on day 2. There was an interesting twist to this event as the second place finisher, Abdurrahim Kuzu, a silver medalist in the 1984 Olympics as a wrestler, showed he has the mentality to compete on a golf course as well when the chips are down. Kuzu began the day as a 10.3 hcp w/16 rds in the system. He fired a 76 on Sunday that seemed to come from nowhere as it was his best gross score of those rounds in his 7 shots. His previous low was our last event at Bridlewood with an 83. The USGA calls a net score lower than 5 under for 1 round or consecutive rounds of 3 under or better an Exceptional Tournament Score. Since Kuzu (16 rds) and Brown (19 rds) did not have the 20 rounds needed to have a mature hcp, the ETS was entered into the system at the conclusion of play and re-adjusted Kuzu's handicap to 8.5 from 10.5 and Brown's to +1 from +.5 per the guidelines of tour policy and in line with Table 10-3 in the USGA Handbook. The adjustment gave Kuzu a net score on Sunday of 67.5, still good enough to jump from 15th place all the way to 2nd place to collect a total of $2950. My guess is it probably took that type of performance to get him that silver medal! Brown's net score went from 69.5 to 70 with his adjustment, which did not effect the outcome as he could have been a +2 both days and still won by less than a stroke. Going into this event, everyone in the field thought they could beat their hcp by 4 to 6 shots or more for 36 holes if they had a weekend of great golf (would a player enter the event otherwise?)... So let's give credit where credit is due and that would be to Chris Brown, who executed his game flawlessly for 2 rounds with GROSS scores of 68-69 and Abdurrahim Kuzu, who Sunday fired 7 shots lower than his previous best on the tour! The FairWay Tour strongly believes the system is running as it should when the lowest hcp finishes first and one of the highest handicappers finishes second...12 % of the field broke their hcp with 3 of those 5 players beating it by less than a stroke. Everyone in between had their chance too, as there was a conglomerate of golfers shooting virtually the same 2-day total. The golf course provided excellent service to our players and was there for the taking as it is one of the easiest tracks in our rotation despite the windy conditions and less than stellar greens due to the seasonal changes. My message to anyone who may have been upset that a low handicapper won 1st place (high handicappers?) or that a high handicapper took 2nd place (low handicappers?) is this...JUST PLAY A LITTLE BIT BETTER! The same message I gave Chris Brown a few weeks ago at Frisco Lakes when he was frustrated. All the scores are entered into the FairWay System's USGA licensed software the same way and uses one formula to calculate the numbers automatically and does not discriminate between a number of +2.4 or 11.9! We look forward to seeing you at our next event.