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62 Year Old McGoveran Proves He Can Still Play Despite Health Issues; Red River Cup Cash Starting to Pile Up

Eddie McGoveran, a veteran of 10 years and over 200 events on the FairWay Tour, has struggled recently with COPD and other health issues. Despite his struggle to simply breathe on the back nine at Emerald Falls Saturday, Eddie fired a gross score of 76 on the difficult track to edge out Paul Aycock and take home the first place check of $1100. Eddie thought his days of winning golf tournaments were behind him but nothing can keep this man back as he has a burning desire to compete AND win! Incredible playing. In other news, Chris Brown, who has been playing the FairWay Tour took a week off (lol) to play the Adams Tight Lies Tour and tied for 7th in his debut with a 72-hole total of -11. He earned just over $2900 for his four day total which included 4 rounds no higher than 70. Hmmm, 2 rounds on the FairWay Tour (with 41 players) at a cost of $450 made him well over $5000 and 4 similar rounds on the Tight Lies Tour (with well over 100 players and a CUT) at a cost of $950 plus travel earned him $2900. I'll let you guys figure his odds and do the math on that, but the 7th place tie was his best finish I could find by far in the three yrs he has played that tour... Winning over $5000 in one event on any tour will do wonders for a man's confidence because last I checked that money spends the same! The Red River Cup Cash Fund is starting to add up. $540 went into the pool from Major #1. That's well over $4000 in the pool for the 8 majors alone if the field remains the same. The opportunity to win the Red River Cup is there for anyone who wants it as we have played only 9 of the 44 sheduled events for the region and already paid $58,322 to our members this year. Come join the competition this Saturday at Waterchase....once a gain an old qoute I stole from Eddie McGoveran's answering machine. "We'll See You At The Course...and remember, IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!!!"