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57-Year Old Akins 2nd Straight Senior Winner, Fires 73 From Back Tee @ Waterchase; Policy Update

For the second consecutive week on the FairWay Tour, a senior player turns back the clock and fires a great round of golf to win the overall Net Division winner's check. Jack Akins, pro at Northern Challenge Golf Club between Gainesville and Sherman, fired his best round in 6 years of playing the tour with a gross score of 73 from the back tee that totaled nearly 7300 yds. He was aptly rewarded with a check for $2550! Jack, like Eddie McGoveran the week before, is struggling with serious health issues. He was diagnosed with Leukemia several years ago. We are overjoyed to give them the opportunity to compete and WIN!! Once again, the scoring for the field of 47 went according to script with 5 players (10.6%) beating their handicap and 3 over your handicap cashing a check. Due to the decimal point sytem (your index multiplied by slope rating to give you an exact course hcp), there were no ties among the first 11 spots paid. Policy Update - New Code of Conduct Policy: A player will receive one warning if it is determined he has blatantly shown conduct unbecoming of a professional. If Tour Director receives a complaint of any kind after the warning, that player will be suspended for 60 days. If same player receives another complaint of any kind after 60 day suspension, their membership will be terminated and that player will no longer be allowed to participate in FairWay Tour Events. The FairWay Tour's Mission Statement: The focus of the FairWay Tour is to promote the game of golf with passion, integrity and honor...we want to provide a positive atmosphere for competition. If you do not meet this criteria, action will be taken to conform with these policies. The tour does not believe a player should be allowed to ruin the day of others by exhibiting unprofessional conduct during competition. Since its inception in the year 2000, we have worked diligently to establish a reputation we are very proud of. The tour will not let the actions of a few undermine our efforts. We are grateful the vast majority of players over the last 11 years could be a poster child for excellent conduct! We hope to see you at our next event!