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FairWay Tour has paid out nearly $400,000 as Hardin wins at Fossil Creek

Congratulations to Phil Hardin as he collects $1500 for his first win on the FairWay Tour at Fossil Creek GC. The FairWay Tour has paid nearly $400,000 in 2012, eclipsing the previous annual payout record of $377,000 paid for the 2011 season...and it is still August! We have paid over $100,000 more than our nearest competitor and all of this money is paid in a SINGLE flight so players have a chance to WIN BIG PAYCHECKS each and every week. If you are a 12 or less hcp, research has shown this is the best mini tour for prize money vs entry fee in the USA. We challenge you to find a mini tour with a better pay matrix than the FairWay Tour. We already know there is no handicap system with more consistent results than this tour and it is not even close! The cash paid to our members does not include the $17,800 and counting that will be paid in bonuses to our most active and successful players. Our next big event is September 8-9 at Waterchase GC. The winner is projected to take home $10, that you?? If you are not playing the FairWay Tour what are you waiting for because..."IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CANT'T WIN!"