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Swanson makes short trip from Dallas count as -1.3 wins at Coffee Creek

John Swanson, affectionately known on the FairWay Tour as "PGA Swanny", edged hot golfer Dustin Sloat by a tenth of a stroke to win the event at Coffee Creek GC in Edmond, OK with a net score of -1.3. This was the former Gleneagles CC Head Pro's 2nd win on the tour this year. Sloat had the best gross score of the day, recording a 1 under par 69 despite a triple bogey on the ninth hole. The FairWay Tour has paid record amounts of cash for a handicapped event to its players over the last ten tournaments. There have been multiple players earn well over $10,000 in a single event during this time, which is unprecedented. The tour has effectively put to rest any notion that a player can take advantadge of the least on this tour! Here are two key stats: 1.) Average winning score over last 10 events including Super Majors = a net score of -1.4. 2.) Average last place money score over last 10 events = +3.7. These key stats are during prime golf season with record fields for a single flighted handicapped event accompanied by record payouts for this type of format! We have had +2.5 handicaps win $10,000+ and we have had 9 handicaps win $10,000+. And the last key stat: If you go back to the year 2000 and count all events played to include the almost $3 million paid out to the players the avg winning score and avg last place money numbers are higher than they were over the last 10 events!! The tour director has PERSONALLY ran every single FairWay Tour event to make sure of our Mission Statement: To provide a competitive golf format that promotes passion, integrity and honor for the serious player. Come join us next week at Champion Circle next to Texas Motor Speedway because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"