Tour News

"Fast Eddie" Blazes Field By Record 9.9 Strokes at +3.1

Once again the weather was a difference maker in Tulsa as the brutal conditons wreak havoc on the playing field. Ed McGoveran, a 4.9 handicapper from Tulsa, seemed unfazed by the 20-25 mph north winds and 45 degree temperatures on the front nine as he fired a 2 over par 38 to take a commanding lead. On the back nine, the weather continued to batter the players as the small field of eight became seven and the course only yielded some decent scores when holes 14-17 turned downwind. McGoveran, a tour veteran of seven years, has won 5 times at White Hawk but never was the going as easy as this day. Ed's score of 75.1 (80) defeated new member Dennis Yost's net 85 (94) by 9.9 shots...a tour record. The tour welcomes new members Andrew Garrett, a 2 handicapper from Sapulpa and Yost, a 9 handicapper from Tulsa.