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2013 Schedule, Membership and Bonus Points Breakdown

The FairWay Golf Tour has expanded its schedule for 2013 to include two major markets in Houston and Austin/San Antonio. The tour will also be adding events in West Texas this spring. In 2012, the tour ran 45 events and paid out $608,070, which included $25,000 in bonus cash to our top 20 points earners. We will nearly double our number of events in 2013, which gives our members more opportunities to compete for cash on a regular basis and more players a chance to qualify for our Super Majors and a $10,000 payday! This year, we will have ten 36-Hole Super Majors, with an entry fee of $595 plus course fees. These events pay minimum 25% of the field and $10,000 to the winner with 44 or more competitors. With exception of Super Major #1 in Houston on February 9th, all members must have at least 5 FairWay Tour rounds within a nine month period prior to the event to be eligible. The 11th Super Major will be the Tour Championship, which will be held in South Texas in December and will include all bonus cash exceeding $25,000 as well as the regular pay matrix. If we reach our goal of paying $1,000,000 plus to our members this year, first place could be as much as $20,000 for the Tour Championship alone! The tour plans to travel outside the region at least once this year, with our tenth Super Major on the slate for Las Vegas in November and a possible trip to Shreveport in mid-summer. The 2013 schedule will be a work in progress as the tour has a goal of bringing you only the finest courses, but more importantly, we try to be sure the courses we play are in top condition when we have our event. For that reason, the golf courses could change, but the cities and dates will remain constant. Since 2001, I have been present at every single event and personally paid out all $2.7 million in prize money. I have the utmost confidence in our system and am very excited about the additions to our staff. I know these guys will run the events where I will not be present with the same passion and integrity. Jeremy Copeland, Wayne Warren and Derek Watson will be on board this year to help run these events along with promoter Ramiro Martinez of Houston. Jeremy has been a tour member since 2003 and knows all there is to know about our tour as he is the all-time leading money winner! Wayne and Derek joined the tour in 2005 and have over 7 yrs of experience with tour operations. Derek will be handling the West Texas region and is an accomplished player as well as a tour sponsor. All members can get golf clubs and supplies at dealer cost from Derek's Pro Shop in West Texas! Wayne is a former marketing exec for AT&T and a very good player in his own right. He has a passion for golf and is very excited to work the Austin/San Antonio market. Ramiro is very well connected in Houston and will be instrumental in bringing new players to the tour from the Houston area. How does the bonus points system work? The tour holds $10 of every 1-Day entry and $20 if every 2-Day entry to be put in a CASH BONUS POOL to reward our most loyal and successful players. At the end of the year, this cash will be paid to the top 20 points winners. Bonus cash exceeding $25,000 will be added to the Tour Championship purse. How do I get bonus points? Pay 2013 membership (returning members with more than 20 rounds from 2012 will have their lowest two scores dropped and returning members with 10 or more 2012 rounds will have their lowest one score dropped) and receive 50 points. If you pay membership online by following the link below before January 5th, you will get 75 bonus points and $25 credit at your first event! Register for an event by Tuesday prior = 15 Thursday prior = 10 pts and after Thursday = 5 pts. Players will get an additional 5 points if they pay their deposit online. Performance points are as follows...1st 50 2nd 40 3rd 30 4th 20 5th 10 and all other money finishers 5 points. 1-Day Majors pay DOUBLE bonus points across the board and Super Majors pay TRIPLE bonus points across the board. A tentative schedule of 2013 events thru June is now available online. We look forward to seeing you in 2013 because "If you don't tee it up you can't win!"