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Lotto skin pool now at $1400 as Steadham wins Bridlewood in record fashion

59 yr old Bill Steadham fired a gross score of 67 yesterday at Bridlewood GC in Flower Mound to establish a new all-time record for lowest net score on the FairWay Tour (62.2). Excellence is what we are all striving for, and Bill Steadham can be very proud of his performance Saturday! The Houston native has played in nearly all of the recent super majors with no luck and his lowest round of the last 20 being used to establish his hcp was 76 at Walden GC. This was the most impressive round, period, on this tour since Dustin Risdon rattled off an unofficial world record 12 consecutive birdies at The Tribute last November en route to a gross score of 62. Don't let the word 'handicap' mislead you as there is some golf being played on the FairWay Tour! Are you the next competitor to FIND YOUR GAME? Come join us Saturday at Fairfax GC because "If you don't tee it up you can't win!"