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What Are The Possibilities?

As a Tour Director who has hosted 500+ handicapped events, I can speak from experience when giving an explanation for someone actually playing well!! Although it is hard to believe, it is ACTUALLY POSSIBLE for someone to improve at this crazy game. Case in point #1: Ed McGoveran is a 56 yr. old veteran of the FairWay Tour. A member since its inception in 2001, Ed carried a 12 handicap when we started playing our events and was as high as a 14 in the late '90s on a previous tour where we competed against each other. One day 6 or 7 yrs ago at Silverhorn Ed was smoking the field at +6 getting 12 shots going into the 18th hole when it became apparent to me he was improving...that was about two minutes before he hit 4 TEE SHOTS IN A ROW OUT OF BOUNDS RIGHT (you could have thrown a blanket over them) to lose by 1 shot. Yes, golf is a cruel game, but today Ed is 7 yrs older and carries a 4.2 HCP...Case in point #2: William Belknap is another veteran of the FairWay Tour with 68 scores recorded since 2001. I remember watching William play my majors with an 8 or 9 handicap a few years back and he'd be shaking like a leaf on the 1st tee box (I wondered if he could get the ball to stay on the tee!). Always the competitor, William learned on our tour how to manage his game under pressure. That, along with recent shoulder surgery and hard work on his game has resulted in his best two rounds in his last 2 starts. So it is possible for a player to SEE THE LIGHT so to speak, and win multiple times in a short span on our tour. One thing for sure, the two players mentioned above take their game seriously and their improvement inevitably comes fom hard work and the desire to get better...the results will show up on the money list as well... Remember, when your handicap goes down, your winnings go up!