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Spring Championship next weekend has potential for largest single event payout in tour history as Aycock, Meyers finish 1-2 in Houston to battle for bonus cash!

The FairWay Golf Tour's Bonus Cash Spring Championship @ Chickasaw Pointe GC next weekend will feature the largest pay matrix in tour history! A sample payout with 40 players would put $26,000 in prize fund for 10 players to collect...$10000 $5250 $2650 $1650 $1350 $1200 $1050 $1000 $950 $900...The event is worth triple bonus points as there will also be appx $10,000 in bonus cash awarded at this event along with 6 free 1-Day Net Entries. Swingbyte, one of the tour's proud sponsors, will be giving away their product to the player who finishes with the lowest net score and does not cash a check. The lotto skin pool sits at $1000 heading into this tourney as well! Speaking of bonus cash, don't count yourself out if you are in top 20 as a player could pick up as much as 390 pts for this event alone! At the top of the points list, Paul Aycock is tracking Cameron Meyers, who is refusing to give up his spot atop the bonus cash leaderboard! Both Oklahomans traveled to Houston's gorgeous High Meadow Ranch GC Saturday where Meyers (+1.9 hcp) fired 68 for a net score of 69.9 to narrowly lose this event to Aycock (2.6 hcp), who fired 72 for a net score of 69.4. It is so true that the more you play. the more comfortable you become, and the more cash you win! To qualify for the Spring Championship, tour veterans must have played at least once in the past 6 months and new payers must have played 3 rounds in 2014. Is this your weekend to hit it big?? Come join us at scenic and challenging Chickasaw Pointe GC on the shores of Lake Texoma April 26-27 because "If you don't tee it up you can't win!"