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Ewing, Champlin latest winners as Avg score needed to cash a check soars to 75.3!

Congratulations to our latest FairWay Tour winners as Landon Ewing dominates Walden in Houston and Herbie Champlin got his first win at Waterchase in Arlington last weekend. As stated just a few weeks back, it has become tradition on the FairWay Tour to expect low scores at the end of summer and high scores to finish off the year. The reason is simple: Scoring history dictates handicaps. Prime scoring conditions ruled this summer as light winds and golf courses in great shape made for an unprecedented amount of low scores on the tour in 2014. But as always, with the weather change comes different scoring conditions and low handicaps, which is an obvious formula for higher scores! There are still some quality events remaining on the calendar. The North Texas Championship will be played at the Stonebridge Ranch Hills Course November 22-23 and the Bonus Cash Championship will be played at Kingwood Country Club's Forest Course December 6-7. These events are worth triple bonus points as the Bonus Cash Payout is projected to be around $8000 for the 4 month period ending @ Kingwood. If you are not in the Bonus Cash Race, these events still pay $5-10K to the winner! The tour is set to surpass the $4,000,000 mark in cash paid to our members before the end of the year. If COMPETITION and CASH get you excited, come join us for the remaining events on the calendar and in 2015 because..."IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"