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Sparks catches fire @ Coyote Ridge

Hunter Sparks, a +2.2 handicap from OKC, caught on fire this weekend at Coyote Ridge to scorch the field by 5 strokes and win Major #2 with a net score of -1.6 for 36 holes. The weather left little to be desired as 7 inches of snow earlier in the week left the golf course saturated. No matter to Mr. Sparks, as he fired gross scores of 70-68 to prove the course was still there for the taking. The tour played the ball "UP ONE CLUB LENGTH THRU THE GREEN" on Saturday, something this tour has never done before, due to the extremely wet conditions. This week the tour features its first Thursday event of the season at Great Southwest GC in Grand Prairie, TX. This private club will be closing soon, so this may be your last chance to play an event at this location, where the greens are PERFECT! This weekend, the tour plays one of my personal favorites Saturday in High Meadow Ranch GC, located in NW Houston and Sunday at Tangle Ridge GC in Grand Prairie, TX. This makes a total of 3 events this week! If you like to compete for cash, come join us because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"