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Oak Tree East greens and course in fantastic condition this week as Freedman takes control of Bonus Cash Race with win at Iron Horse

This week's event will be held at Oak Tree CC (East) on Saturday, August 15th, site of the Oklahoma Open the following weekend. This par 70 Pete Dye facility is in fantastic condition (my home course!). Take advantage of this opportunity to play one of the very best private country clubs in Oklahoma... Congratulations to Jeremy Freedman of Plano, who got his 2nd FairWay Tour win of the season Saturday at Iron Horse GC in North Richland Hills, TX... As tour director, I dont think it's coincidence when I see players who make a commitment to tournament golf for an extended period, rather than one event, have success. I am not saying grit and talent are not required to was 104 on Saturday and Jeremy hits it well, but the numbers over the past years clearly show that players who can attain a comfort zone on the tour are much more likely to be successful... My GOAL as FairWay Tour administrator is to make YOU a better golfer! We provide a tournament forum for competition that will give you experience under pressure, expose your weaknesses and improve focus. Another goal of the tour, starting this week, is to ENFORCE the CONDUCT POLICY. Sportsmanship is a key component to any successful competition. My job as tour director is to make sure these events are held to a professional standard. This includes the facilities, the handicap system and scoring, as well as the participants themselves. Players who fall below the perceived standard of "professional" will be held accountable. The nature of the game leads to bad feelings after a round for almost every single player, but those who cannot keep their emotions to themselves will be asked to improve that area of their game as well, or be subject to whatever action is deemed appropriate. 95% of the players are able to do this, but the 5% who do not are a cancer to the competition. We hope to see you at the course because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"