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Oak Tree favors low handicappers as even par 70 wins; Cumulative handicap of top 5 is 0.6

Congratulations to Dylan McClure, who got his first win at Oak Tree East Saturday afternoon. The +1 handicap fired a gross score of 1 under par 69 for a net score of 70 on the awesome track north of OKC. The top 5 finshers had a total handicap of 0.6 if you add them all together and the winning score of 70 was only 1 stroke from finishing completely outside the payline! The FairWay Tour is hitting it out of the park when it comes to QUALITY!! No tour on the planet short of the PGA Tour has a golf course lineup like the FairWay Tour! With Walden and Oak Tree already in the books this month, a quick glance at the schedule shows Hackberry Creek CC in Las Colinas Thursday, TPC Woodlands Saturday and TPC Las Colinas August 29-30! I challenge you to find another tour with winning scores of even par AND golf courses of PGA Tour quality! Good luck with that. The FairWay Tour is the funnest, most cost effective way to gain experience and improve your game in a tournament setting while competing for large cash payouts before we even mention the proven accuracy of the handicap system and quality of the golf courses we play! Considering -5 was the cut line on the Adams Tour this week (drive to the middle of nowhere and pay $1000ish entry fee and rent a motel room for 3 days, then walk in the heat only to miss the cut if you shoot 4 under!). Why not stay at home and spend half that, ride in a cart and play TPC Las Colinas, home of the Byron Nelson Classic, while gaining the same experience with a REALISTIC chance of cashing a nice paycheck?? Just a thought...It is quite obvious the game of golf is becoming easier for the younger generation. As tour director on the front lines of pro competition for the past 15 years, I have personally seen the incredible evolution of the game since the early days of Tiger. The same golf courses that were yielding no low scores 10 years ago are now yielding great rounds on a regular basis. We hope to see YOU at the course real soon because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"