Tour News

Rare day of ties at Texas Star as -1.7 is a co-winner! Tangle Ridge next Tour stop March 18th

Thursday was a rare day on the FairWay Tour as there was a tie for first, third and sixth place! The scoring on this tour is so close every week, with a host of players contending, which is the main purpose of using your EXACT hcp! If the Tour rounded a 3.3 to 3 and a 3.6 to 4, is it fair that the 3.3 now has to beat the 3.6 by 2 strokes? Of course not, which is the other reason for using decimals! Congratulations to Jeff Smith and Jean Marc Desrosiers, co-winners on the FairWay Tour this week! Jean Marc has played 21 times and his previous best was a 3rd place finish at Thorntree CC in October 2016. Jeff has played 32 times and won a rain shortened nine hole event at Lantana in October 2015. It was a great day at Texas Star as finally a player may go into the woods to hit their ball! Since this venue opened back in the 90's, players have been prohibited from entering the woods to play their shot. Along with making very little sense, it caused much confusion on the Local Rules sheet. The tour is now very excited to host more events at this location. Unfortunately, we had to make an early call on postponing Woodforest this weekend due to the terrible weather forecast and several players traveling 200 miles plus to participate. This event will be played April 8th, leaving Tangle Ridge next up on the calendar for March 18th! There is now more than $4000 in the Bonus Cash Pool after the 44 player event at Texas Star! With basically 2 months and 2 Super Majors left for this period, anyone in the top 20 of the Bonus Cash Standings still has a chance to collect BONUS CASH! We hope to see you next weekend at Tangle Ridge Saturday in Grand Prairie or Lincoln West Sunday in OKC because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"