Tour News

Pecan Hollow (TH) & Sky Creek (SAT) as +2.1 Hcp Meyers gets it done last week, earning $3720 with back to back wins!

Cameron Meyers overpowered Brookhaven CC Thursday afternoon in Dallas and survived the wind at difficut Jimmie Austin OU GC Saturday morning in Oklahoma for back to back wins on the FairWay Golf Tour last week! You know, after 16 years of running these events, I have grown tired of needlessly defending the handicap system that works so brilliantly so it is refreshing to have a guy like Cameron come along and defend it for me! Obviously, if someone who gives back 2.1 strokes to par can win FairWay Tour events, then so can ANYONE else! The high handicappers like to complain they can't beat the low handicappers (that is why you get strokes!) and the low handicappers complain when the high handicappers win (go play a scratch tour, where you likely need to shoot 4 under or better per day to get paid!). This is a fact. Look no further than the Adams Tour first event of the season, where you would need to spend 4 days in SW Louisiana and spend $1200 on an entry fee plus hotel expenses, then shoot -19 walking four rounds to earn $3215, which is $500 less than Cameron made in 2 days (12 handicappers, Jeff Duryea bogeyed the par 5 18th yesterday or he beats Cameron!). It is never easy to win a golf tournament! Not only is it our goal to play the very best courses...we bring the tour to you, instead of traveling to some golf course in the middle of nowhere. At the end of the day, there is not a more accurate scoring system in golf, nor is there a more convenient and progressive tour for the golfers in Texas and Oklahoma! In 20 events this year, on the low end +2.1 is a winner (James, Bridlewood and Meyers, OU GC) and on the high end, 12 is a winner (Doucettperry, Lincoln West). On this tour, all competitors have a fair chance to win! If you enjoy being "in the hunt", you will enjoy playing the FairWay Golf Tour! Just look at the results of any event this year and you will see net scores above par winning and net scores below par winning. But the one consistency throughout is how close the numbers really are, regardless of your hcp! Come join us this week at Pecan Hollow Thursday in Plano, TX or Sky Creek Ranch Saturday in Keller, TX because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"