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Meyers 2-Day net score of -5.8 wins $15K+ @ TPC!

Congratulations to Cameron Meyers, winner of Super Major #8 at TPC Las Colinas! The upstart pro from Edmond, OK has been making a name for himself lately with his golf game. He has been featured on the Tour as the only American to Monday Qualify on three different occasions for a event in 2017! He is also featured on The Adams Pro Tour as a future PGA Tour player. Well, let's start by saying Cameron made his debut as a pro golfer in March 2012 on none other than the FairWay Tour in Tulsa, OK. Since then, he has played 157 rounds on this tour along with various mini tours trying to stay afloat while chasing his dream. In the past few months, he finished top 5 in the Texas State Open and made the cut in 1 of the 3 events. But even a top 5 finish in the highest paying state open in the USA and three events pales in comparison to his biggest payday as a pro on the FairWay Tour! "I give tons of credit to the FairWay Tour for making me the player I am today. There is no substitute for competition on a weekly basis to gain experience. And even better, most of the events are near my house", Cameron said. "Not only did I play my first event as a pro on this tour, but now I have cashed my largest check ever as a pro on the same tour!" Cameron went on to say he was about to give up golf before securing a sponsor earlier this year. He wanted everyone to know he also met that guy on the FairWay Tour! The TPC event was the largest 2-Day event in the 16 year history of the tour and paid a whopping $60,000+ to its players for this event. Cameron was the only red number. 63 year old Brad Barrick fired a 2-Day net score of +2.3 and won $8210 as a second place finisher! The USGA developed a handicap system in 1977 so the average golfer could compete with pros using their handicap. The FairWay Golf Tour has made the USGA vision a reality! The previous largest event at Trails of Frisco in 2012 was won by a 12 handicap. The tour director listened to complaints on that one! And now, the largest paying event on the FairWay Tour was won by a +2.8 handicap. The tour director will surely hear complaints on this one too! "I can't compete with a pro" some may say...I get that, but that's why we give you a handicap!!! A player's handicap will always be the subject of debate...but the reality is in the facts on our website...years of equitable scoring. We don't know who the next big winner's handicap will be on the FairWay Tour because all players are created equal! 16 years of statistics cannot be manipulated! Who is the best player TODAY with their handicap assignment? Ask 12 handicapper Kyle Henley, +2.8 handicapper Cameron Meyers or 4 handicap Herb Joiner (winner of Super Major #7 last month) and they will tell you..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!"