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Tierra Verde Saturday as 82 rounds were played in January with 1 red number posted!

The FairWay Tour played three events in January with a total of 82 rounds recorded. Incredibly, the lowest score posted so far this year is Ron Adams net score of -0.5 at Texas Star Thursday. Do I need to remind people this is a HANDICAP TOUR? You would think more players would try their luck being able to use their handicap in competition, especially when you don't even have to beat it to win and being a member means all golf related expenses are tax deductible!! How can you lose?? Ron (8.5 hcp) was able to use his hot short game to beat his handicap by a half stroke at TX Star as he fired an 8 over 79 to get his first win...congrats Ron! Your short game can't get HOT if you don't tee it up! Saturday in Houston, the players battled light rain all day with wet conditions giving the players a rare opportunity to move the ball 1 CLUB LENGTH thru the green! But otherwise, the conditions were great with awesome greens! Mike Garcia fired a 12 over par 84 getting 10.1 strokes for a net score of +1.9, good enough for the win! In Houston, there has not been a red number posted since June 2017! For the first time in the 17 year history of the Tour, we start the season with 3 first time winners! Tommy Hernandez, winner at Trails of Frisco, has been a member since October of last year while Texas Star winner Ron Adams is a brand new player for 2018. In Houston, Mike Garcia has played sparingly since January 2013 and is also a first time winner! I believe it is safe to assume the Tour would have had 100+ players at each of these events if competitors were able to see the results before they were played. 'HANDICAP' still appears to be a dirty word in golf, but not for long if the FairWay Tour has anything to say about it!! Why not quit worrying about handicaps like those who have played this Tour for years and come tee it up?? Ask those players, the FairWay Tour is the best place to win cash while meeting new friends! And the Tour Director knows, with all almost 2 decades of stats to back it up, that the FairWay Tour is by far the EASIEST Pro Tour to get PAID, whether you are a +3 or 12 hcp, while writing off all of your golf expenses!!! We hope you are able to participate in our HIGH QUALITY events because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"