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Super Major #2 @ Coyote Ridge this weekend; 10 events on FairWay Tour in 2018 with 10 different winners!

The FairWay Tour will be hosting its second Super Major of 2018 this weekend at Coyote Ridge GC in Carrollton, TX! 1st place is at least $5000 with 20 or more players! There are lots of cool numbers and stats on the website but here are my favorites everyone should know about!! There have been 10 events in 2018 with 10 different winners and 10 different handicaps! The one constant is that if you can shoot your handicap, you cash a check! Four out of ten events you cash a check with a net score of +5 or higher! Compare that to an AVERAGE winning score of -3.5 for our competition in 4 events (-4,-4,-5 and -1)! Three out of 4 times their winning score is LOWER than the LOWEST winning score in 10 events on our Tour. The FairWay Tour's avg. WINNING NET SCORE is -1.2 and the avg. NET SCORE needed to cash a check is +3.5. The LOWEST WINNING NET SCORE is a 2-Day total of -3.9 at Waterchase and the HIGHEST is +1.9 at Deerwood. The LOWEST winning handicap was Justin Bates at +2.6 (Oakmont) and the HIGHEST was Ramiro Martinez at 11.5 (Panther Trail) Once again, there is your proof that if you are a 12 or less hcp and want to improve your game while CASHING CHECKS and meeting new friends, the FairWay Tour is right for you! At least one other tour has attempted to copy our policies, website, etc. but if you want REAL AND CONSISTENT results, with higher winning scores and most generous payouts, the FairWay Tour is the original authority when it comes to handicap golf! Since 2001, we hope to see you at the course because..."if you don't tee it up you can't win!"