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Jennings edges Meyers to win $7500+ in duel of high handicap vs low handicap @ The Bridges GC!

Super Major #6 at The Bridges GC provided plenty of fireworks as the post 4th of July event saw lots of red numbers! Yes, it is the heat of summer and with the nearly perfect conditions there were lots of low scores. High handicappers, mid-range handicappers and low handicappers...almost all found their game at some point during this event! The golf course itself was long, but rock hard fairways made even shorter hitters feel like "Long John" with 300 yd plus drives the norm for almost everyone in the field! Mix in huge fairways and wispy rough along with summer heat and light winds and waaalaaa, you have low scores! We can start with Cameron Meyers, the +2.5 handicap who missed a 6 foot birdie putt on 18 that would have set a new course record but had to settle for a tie with a 7 under par 65 on day 1. And, of course, our winner Brian Jennings, who played out of his mind on Saturday with a gross score of 76 carrying a 10 hcp. Brian has played 15 Super Majors since joining the Tour in 2011 with a 12 hcp. (yes, that is roughly $15K invested in his game on the tour) and had won less than $2500 total in those events before Brookhaven in June and The Bridges this week finally gave him the huge payday we are all looking for!! If you are one to complain about a handicap higher than yours winning, please check yourself if you haven't invested $15K in your game with little or no return! Congratulations Brian on your improvement and being able to hold off an elite challenger in Meyers on Sunday! Brian should give hope to the other high handicappers on the tour who have been struggling to find their game! This week, we will be at Mesquite GC Thursday where FairWay Tour member Frank Darnell is the course superintendant. "I will have the greens at 11.5 or 12 on the stimp!", he declared last week, so we hope you are able to participate on some of the best kept greens in the metroplex! And don't forget about Saturday at Chickasaw Pointe on Lake Texoma, where we will have a 1-Day Major on this layout carved out of the bluff above the lake. This golf course is always in great shape and demands accuracy off the tee! We hope you are able to participate in our high quality events this week because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"