Tour News

Trophy Club Thursday restarts Bonus Cash Race as Kendall Magee wins $8725 of $43,105 paid out at WinStar!

Congratulations to Kendall Magee, winner of Bonus Cash Super Major #8 at WinStar! Kendall took home $8725 from the 41 player field that paid a total of $43,105. Kendall left little doubt as he cleared the field by almost three strokes, firing the lowest net AND gross score for 36 holes! Quick math says the tour paid out over $1,050 per player at this event! Considering the entry was $795 with $175 of that used to pay course fees, ($620 X 41= $25,420) the payout for this event was well over 120% including the Bonus Cash! You likely will not find many events to participate that pay $120% of the total receipts! The Bonus Cash Race restarts Thursday at Trophy Club and will be paid out at Bear's Best in Las Vegas December 1st. Please keep checking the calendar as the last 22 events of the season should be complete soon! We are very excited for the Fall Season....we hope you are able to join us at our high quality events because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"