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73 Wins at Fossil Creek; Crosstimbers Saturday and Vegas Next Week Ends the 2018 Season!

Congrats to Stephen Carney, Brandon Scott and Julian Chong, last week's winners on the FairWay Tour. Thursday at Canyon Creek, Carney (+2 Hcp) fired a 4 under par 64 on the layout that was shortened to par 68 due to creek flooding on number 10 and 11. The net score of -2 was good enough to edge out Jonathan Beall for the win! Saturday at Fossil Creek, Brandon Scott (0 Hcp) and Julian Chong (12 Hcp) tied for first place with a net score of 73. I like it! No excuses for the high handicappers and no excuses for the low handicappers! This tour uses decimals to prevent ties using our one of a kind scoring system...the most accurate in Pro Golf! Just so happened Scott and Chong had whole numbers for a handicap at the opposite end of the spectrum! There have been almost 70 events played this year and the first tie is between a 0 and a 12 handicap! In addition, seven of the last ten events have featured WINNERS with net scores above par! All good things must come to and end, however, and this Saturday at Crosstimbers is your last chance to play competitive golf on the FairWay Tour in Texas until 2019! But wait, you can still sign up for the Bonus Cash Super Major in Las Vegas November 30th and December 1st!! Just contact the tour director and he will find you a spot on the roster. We are expecting a final count of 24-30 players in Vegas, with $1000 added to first the winner will get $6000+...we hope to see you at Crosstimbers or Bear's Best Las Vegas because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"