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Hackberry Creek Thursday and Deerwood Saturday; Griswold Wins Trails of Frisco as the Only Par Breaker!

The first event of 2019 is in the books and Eddie Griswold (+1.2 hcp) comes out on top at Trails of Frisco GC. Eddie was the only par breaker! The weather was absolutely perfect with a sunny high near 60 degrees and not a breath of wind. Winter rules allowed the players to touch the ball in fairways and bunkers. Ok...perfect weather, touch the ball and use your handicap?? That's right, ONE red number! A NET SCORE of +3.4 cashed a check on this day as the FairWay Tour once again proves their scoring system is the most accurate in golf. Using decimals, Eddie ADDED 1.2 strokes (his hcp is +1.2) to his gross score of 69 on the par 71 layout for a net score of 70.2 and a $1680 check. Congratulations Eddie! Uh, "If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!" Did you say decimals? Yes, we take your hcp to the decimal point to prevent ties due to the incredible accuracy of our unique scoring system. If not, we start the year off with a 3 way tie for second and three way tie for fifth! This week, the Tour will have two events. Thursday afternoon in Dallas, we will be playing Hackberry Creek CC in Las Colinas and Saturday afternoon Deerwood CC in Kingwood, TX, home of the movie "Tin Cup"! So let's get this can use your handicap, play the ball up and win money (not even breaking your handicap last week!) while meeting new friends on the finest PRIVATE courses in the state of Texas? Oh, and you can write your golf expenses off your taxes while doing this? Yes, that is all TRUE! So we are asking all serious golfers to take advantage of the opportunity! Sounds like a NO BRAINER. We hope you can join us for our high quality events this week because..."If you don't tee it up you can't win!!"