Tour News

1-Day Major @ Winter Creek Saturday! Tour Passes $7 Million In Payouts With Two First Time Winners Last Week!

The FairWay Tour is proud to announce it has surpassed the $7 million mark in prize money PAID to its members! Just like the past 20 years or so, there were 2 events last week with only 2 RED NUMBERS! Congratulations to Roger Oliver (2hcp) and Chase Barnes (+1.2 hcp), last week's winners at Walnut Creek CC and Kingwood CC respectively as they recorded the only 2 net scores below par of the 45 rounds played! Chase earned nearly $2500 for his afternoon of great golf at Kingwood CC. And the best part is he got his check 30 minutes after finishing his round! Since 2001, the FGT has paid immediately following play while consistently providing fair competition, generous payouts and quality venues as we promote this great game of golf! Our goal has always been to give our players the best possible experience at each event. We have been very successful at providing each and every participant a fair and equitable chance to WIN each time they tee it up! Moreover, we have years and years of data proving the accuracy of our scoring system. There is no better way to improve your game, meet new friends and have a fair chance each and every week to win golf tournaments! There really are no losers because golf expenses are tax deductible and handicaps are fluid! Players always improve their game with tournament experience and always meet new friends. So even if you come in last, your expenses are covered and your handicap goes up! But the main goal here is to win CASH with your golf clubs and the FairWay Tour has paid its players to the tune of $7 MILLION IMMEDIATELY at the conclusion of play for 19 years and running! We encourage you to come play our high quality events because..."If you don't tee it up you can't WIN!"