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2-Day Super Major @ Thorntree CC This Weekend Likely Pays $5K+ To Winner As Net Score Of -2 Wins Champions Circle In Playoff!

The FairWay Tour is winding down its 2021 season with only 6 events remaining on the calendar! This week, the FGT plays Walnut Creek CC in Mansfield Thursday followed by Thorntree CC in DeSoto, TX Saturday-Sunday! The Super Major At Thorntree features a 1-Day Net Division either day if you are unable to play for the big bucks! The Bonus Cash Tour Championship December 10-11 At The Paiute Las Vegas currently boasts a 50 player field, which is the largest ever for the FGT in Las Vegas! 1st place will likely be $10,000 as approximately $5K will be added to the already generous pay matrix! And finally, last week at Champions Circle GC near the racetrack, Micah Morris won in a playoff over Victor Bernal with a net score of 69. The rarely used FairWay Scoring Rule was applied as neither player had the required five rounds played or verifiable tournament scores submitted prior to membership to be eligible to shoot a net score greater than -2. Micah was a +0.5 handicap for this event, but actually shot a gross score of 64! And Victor Bernal was a 9.8 handicap and shot an actual score of 78. FGT rules require both players to agree to a gross playoff, with no handicap used, to determine a winner. Otherwise, the players would have split first and second place. But Victor is a comepetitor and warmed up to the idea of a playoff! But a three putt on the first hole gave the victory to Micah! We hope you are able to make the 1-Day Events Thursday at Walnut Creek and Saturday OR Sunday at Thorntree if you are unable to compete in the 2-Day Division. Come join us for our high quality events because..."IF YOU DON'T TEE IT UP YOU CAN'T WIN!"