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Gipson Chips in Twice, Wins Forest Ridge at -1.2

Robbie Gipson of Sallisaw, OK proved on Saturday at Forest Ridge Golf Club in Broken Arrow, OK that sometimes luck can be just as important as skill when we play this crazy game of golf. The course played incredibly difficult for the field, with winds howling at 35mph on the tight and somewhat lengthy par 71 layout. Count me as one of the players who thought it nearly impossible to break your handicap on this day after experiencing the wrath of the course and conditions. But when you have 25 players competing, there is usually at least one exceptional tale to be told. Today it was Gipson, a 7.2 handicapper who got his first break on the par 5 fifth hole. He hit his tee shot OB, then hit his second tee shot which also appeared to be OB, then hit his third tee shot, which was questionable only to find out his 2nd tee shot stayed in bounds. He managed a 7 on the hole, which played into the 35mph wind and the avg score for the field on that hole was 6.2...No harm, no foul for Gipson as he proceeded to chip in TWICE (he earned a skin on both holes)...once on the 479 yd par 4 9th and the other on the 448 yd par 4 12th, which also played dead into the wind. Congratulations Robbie, you were the guy who had lady luck and lots of skill on your side Saturday. You also earned a nice paycheck of $1316 with your net score of -1.2! Other top finishers were Brad Barrick (4.2 hcp) with a net score +0.8, almost predictable since he comes from Woodward, OK where the wind REALLY comes sweeping down the plains, and Jerad Harklau, the only plus handicapper in the field who seems to be good no matter where he plays. Come join us next Saturday, May 29th at Fossil Creek GC in Ft. Worth or the following week for Major #4 to be held at Chickasaw Pointe GC at Lake Texoma.