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Tour Vets Davis, Stark Have Their Day At Tangle Ridge

There were low scores early and late Sunday as long-time tour veterans Donny Davis and Bobby Stark fired net scores of 65 and 65.1 respectively to take 1st and 2nd place at Tangle Ridge Golf Club in Grand Prairie, TX. Donny Davis has recorded 186 rounds since June 2003 and Bobby Stark 149 since December 2003. That is why it was remarkable they would shoot their lowest scores ever on the FairWay Tour the same day(also the first time 2 players have shot more than 5 under their handicap on the same day since the tour began in 2001). A quick look at the money list for this year and last will show that success for them has been even though their handicaps were among the highest at this event, they were very deserving winners nonetheless! Congratulations to both of these players, who I know were more excited about finally shooting a great score than actually cashing their checks! Under tour policy (rule IIIc), a veteran player (defined as a player with more than 20 scores) who records an exceptional tournament score as defined by the USGA (greater than 5 below net par)will have that score entered into the system twice for a period of three rounds to insure integrity. If that player shoots a net score greater than 3 below net par during that period, the exceptional tournament score will remain for another three rounds.