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Davis Cools Off (by 22 shots) as Roberts Takes Winter Creek

Congratulations to home town boy Wayne Roberts of Blanchard, OK, who won the event at Winter Creek CC June 26th with a net score of -3.3, just good enough to beat Michael Gatz and his net score of -2.9. As is nearly always the case on our tour, if you beat your handicap you cashed a check. The FairWay Tour is a pro golf tour for handicapped golfers. Donny Davis is a classic example of a handicapped golfer. After firing a career low 77 last week at Tangle Ridge for a net score of 65 (the lowest on tour in over 2 yrs), the 9.9 handicapper (after being a 12 last week) fired a gross score of 99 at Winter Creek to finish last place by nearly 5 strokes...This is why we tee it up fellas! Golf is a very fickle game that can come one round and go the next. It is almost amusing for me as Tour Director to hear questions about the 'system' when a player goes low. Truth is, the system ain't broke and you need to play better! Another tour in Texas played last weekend and the winning score for four rounds was 21 under...those four rds were 63 65 67 68. By the way, those are GROSS scores. So if you think the grass may be greener on the other side, give that tour a try...70 68 71 71 loses money! The FairWay Tour blows away the competition as $109,834 has been paid to 84 players this year with the current leading money winner earning $7745. A similar local tour in Dallas has paid $79,070 to 149 players with their leading money winner earning $3900 with virtually the same entry fees. Come join us Saturday, July 3rd at Tierra Verde GC in Arlington, TX. Tee Times begin at 11am. Please sign up by Thursday at 5pm as any extra tee times will be released then and you run the chance of not getting a spot. Any player at this event who breaks their handicap and does not cash a check will receive a $25 credit from the Tour Director!